Report: Big 12 not considering adding Oregon State, San Diego State

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Further Big 12 Conference expansion may be put on hold for now regarding a pair of programs. 

According to Max Olson of The Athletic, two Big 12 sources told him that the conference “is not discussing” the possible additions of the Pac-12’s Oregon State or the Mountain West’s San Diego State “at this time.” 

The development comes at a point in time which sees the Big 12 in a fluid process of adding programs through conference realignment. 

In the past week, the Big 12 added Arizona, Arizona State and Utah to the fold beginning in 2024, while Colorado announced plans to do similarly in July

The Pac-12 has been left with four programs as a result of expansion: Cal, Oregon State, Stanford and Washington State. 

While the Big 12 has been busy in the conference realignment department, the Big Ten has been bustling just as much. Oregon and Washington announced plans to join the Big Ten also starting in 2024. 

What could be next for the Big 12 is undetermined. Among the possibilities for the Pac-12 could be a merger with the Mountain West Conference, which has reportedly been “receptive” to that possibility.