Report: Harbaugh expected to coach full 2023 season after ‘hurdles arose’ in suspension deal

Jim Harbaugh will not face a suspension for the first four games of the 2023 season. 

According to Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports, the agreement between the NCAA and Harbaugh over the consequences of Harbaugh’s false statements to investigators has fallen through. This means the Michigan head coach will be on the sidelines for the full season. 

According to Wetzel, “hurdles arose and the deal is now off.” 

Harbaugh’s suspension isn’t completely erased, however. The case will move further through the NCAA disciplinary system sometime into 2024, according to Wetzel. 

Harbaugh received the disciplinary measure due to alleged Level II NCAA violations that Harbaugh and his staff met with recruits during a “so-called dead period,” according to Wetzel, among several other reasons. Each is considered a “minor-to-moderate violation,” according to Wetzel. 

The Wolverines will begin the season Sept. 2 against East Carolina.