Calculated Risk: The opening bet

We are excited to launch a new podcast here on the Saturday Glory Network. As college sports wagering becomes legal in more and more states there is a huge demand for information for bettors to make smart picks.

That’s why we are launching the Calculated Risk podcast with Tyler Shoemaker and Kelley Ford, two experts that have their own predictive power ratings, coming together for one show here only on Saturday Glory.

The start of college football 2023 is just a little bit more than a week away and now is the time to get the ball rolling and explain to everyone what they are going to see on the regular show.

Who looks good right out of the gate? How does the AP preseason poll compare to each of our experts first rankings of the season? Who should you be keeping an eye on as you start to figure out your first weekly bets of the season?

We have you covered here with Calculated Risk and can’t wait to bring you more in the coming weeks and hope this quickly becomes one of your favorite listens.

Disclaimer: Kelley does not bet on college football as his full time position within college athletics does not allow him to wager at sportsbooks. However, the data and information may be useful to bettors to see how his KFord Ratings compare to odds offered at sportsbooks.