Texas A&M’s McKinnley Jackson Would ‘Play For Free’

Texas A&M DT McKinnley Jackson NFL Combine

One of the most entertaining interviews at Wednesday’s NFL Combine Media Session was that of Texas A&M defensive tackle McKinnley Jackson. The big-time interior presence delivered perhaps the quote of the day on why a team should draft him.

“I love football,” he started. “I’d play this shit for free but they’re paying. So I’ll take it.”

Luckily for Jackson, he won’t have to play for free as some NFL team will be giving him a nice paycheck in a few short months. But football clearly isn’t just a means to an end for Jackson who truly eats, breathes, and sleeps the game.

“This is the sport I love since I was four years old,” he said. “So why change now? Why change the purpose of (playing football) now?.”

Catch more of a great interview from Jackson below as we continue our coverage of the NFL Combine in Indianapolis:

Jackson wrapped up his career at Texas A&M with 7.5 sacks.