Round 3 Recap: 2024 NFL Draft

Big Al Alabama

The 2024 NFL Draft is complete through all 257 picks.

Over 700,000 fans attended the draft this week in Detroit according to The Associated Press via, a record-breaking number topping the previous best set in Nashville in 2019.

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Like the previous two, offensive players began the third day of the NFL Draft with Texas tight end Ja’Tavion Sanders going No. 101 overall to the Carolina Panthers and Troy Franklin reuniting with Oregon quarterback Bo Nix at No. 102 overall to the Denver Broncos.

Spencer Rattler, Jordan Travis become first QBs taken since Round 1

More than 100 picks went between the six taken in the first round on Thursday, which already set a record for most quarterbacks taken in the opening round of the draft.

Former South Carolina and Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler broke the streak in round four when he went No. 150 overall to the New Orleans Saints. 

Rattler leaves South Carolina as the all-time leader in completion percentage with 67.5% completion.

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Former Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis was chosen No. 171 overall in the fifth round by the New York Jets. He later would be paired with wide receiver teammate Johnny Wilson when the Jets picked him in the sixth round.

Travis finished fifth in the Heisman Trophy voting last season despite suffering a season-ending broken leg in the second-to-last regular season game.

Alabama’s Jaylen Key is Mr. Irrelevant

Every year, the final pick of the draft is regarded as “Mr. Irrelevant.” It’s so widely recognized as a special selection that “Irrelevant Week” is an annual celebration that honors that last player picked in the draft recognized by the NFL, according to

Alabama defensive back Jaylen Key is this draft’s “Mr. Irrelevant” as he was chosen No. 257 overall in the seventh round by the New York Jets.

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Key played last season with the Crimson Tide after spending the previous four years with Alabama at Birmingham. He started 12 games at Alabama and made 60 tackles, one pass break-up and an interception.

Key earned an honorable mention nod in 2022 with the All-Conference USA team. He had three interceptions for the Blazers that season, tying for the team lead.

2024 NFL Draft results

Here are the full results from rounds four through seven of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Fourth round

No. 101: Carolina Panthers: TE Ja’Tavion Sanders — Texas

No. 102: Denver Broncos via trade with Seattle Seahawks (from Washington): WR Troy Franklin — Oregon

No. 103: New England Patriots: OG Layden Robinson — Texas A&M

No. 104: Arizona Cardinals: SAF Dadrion Taylor-Demerson — Texas Tech

No. 105: Los Angeles Chargers: DT Justin Eboigbe — Alabama

No. 106: Tennessee Titans: LB Cedric Gray — North Carolina

No. 107: New York Giants: TE Theo Johnson — Penn State

No. 108: Minnesota Vikings: CB Khyree Jackson — Oregon

No. 109: Atlanta Falcons: DT Brandon Dorlus — Oregon

No. 110: New England Patriots via trade with Los Angeles Chargers (from Chicago): WR Javon Baker — UCF

No. 111: Green Bay Packers via trade with New York Jets: SAF Evan Williams — Oregon

No. 112: Las Vegas Raiders: CB Decamerion Richardson — Mississippi State

No. 113: Baltimore Ravens (from Denver through N.Y. Jets): WR Devontez Walker — North Carolina

No. 114: Jacksonville Jaguars: OT Javon Foster — Missouri

No. 115: Cincinnati Bengals: TE Erick All — Iowa

No. 116: Jacksonville Jaguars (from New Orleans): DT Jordan Jefferson — LSU

No. 117: Indianapolis Colts: OC Tanor Bortolini — Wisconsin

No. 118: Seattle Seahawks: LB Tyrice Knight — UTEP

No. 119: Pittsburgh Steelers: OG Mason McCormick — South Dakota State

No. 120: Miami Dolphins via trade with Philadelphia Eagles (from L.A. Rams through Pittsburgh): RB Jaylen Wright — Tennessee

No. 121: Seattle Seahawks via trade with Denver Broncos (from Miami): TE AJ Barner — Michigan

No. 122: Chicago Bears (from Philadelphia): P Tory Taylor — Iowa

No. 123: Houston Texans (from Cleveland): TE Cade Stover — Ohio State

No. 124: San Francisco 49ers (from Dallas): SAF Malik Mustapha — Wake Forest

No. 125: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: RB Bucky Irving — Oregon

No. 126: Detroit Lions via trade with Green Bay Packers: OT Giovanni Manu — University of British Columbia

No. 127: Philadelphia Eagles via trade with Houston Texans: RB Will Shipley — Clemson

No. 128: Buffalo Bills: RB Ray Davis — Kentucky

No. 129: San Francisco 49ers via trade with Minnesota Vikings (from Detroit): RB Isaac Guerendo — Louisville

No. 130: Baltimore Ravens: CB T.J. Tampa — Iowa State

No. 131: Kansas City Chiefs: TE Jared Wiley — TCU

No. 132: Detroit Lions via trade with San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection): RB Sione Vaki — Utah

No. 133: Kansas City Chiefs via trade with Buffalo Bills (Compensatory Selection): DB Jaden Hicks — Washington State

No. 134: New York Jets (from Baltimore; Compensatory Selection): RB Braelon Allen — Wisconsin

No. 135: San Francisco 49ers: WR Jacob Cowing — Arizona

Fifth round

No. 136: Seattle Seahawks via trade with Denver Broncos (from Carolina through Cleveland): CB Nehemiah Pritchett — Auburn

No. 137: Los Angeles Chargers via trade with New England Patriots: CB Tarheeb Still — Maryland

No. 138: Arizona Cardinals: EDGE Xavier Thomas — Clemson

No. 139: Washington Commanders: LB Jordan Magee — Temple

No. 140: Los Angeles Chargers: CB Cam Hart — Notre Dame

No. 141: Buffalo Bills via trade with Carolina Panthers (from N.Y. Giants): OC Sedrick Van Pran-Granger — Georgia

No. 142: Indianapolis Colts via trade with Carolina Panthers (from Tennessee): WR Anthony Gould — Oregon State

No. 143: Atlanta Falcons: LB JD Bertrand — Notre Dame

No. 144: Chicago Bears via trade with Buffalo Bills (from Chicago): EDGE Austin Booker — Kansas

No. 145: Denver Broncos (from N.Y. Jets): CB Kris Abrams-Draine —Missouri

No. 146: Tennessee Titans (from Minnesota through Philadelphia):CB Jarvis Brownlee Jr. — Louisville

No. 147: Denver Broncos: RB Audric Estime — Notre Dame

No. 148: Las Vegas Raiders: LB Tommy Eichenberg — Ohio State

No. 149: Cincinnati Bengals: CB Josh Newton — TCU

No. 150: New Orleans Saints: QB Spencer Rattler — South Carolina

No. 151: Indianapolis Colts: SAF Jaylon Carlies — Missouri

No. 152: Philadelphia Eagles via trade with Washington Commanders (from Seattle): WR Ainias Smith — Texas A&M

No. 153: Jacksonville Jaguars: CB Deantre Prince — Mississippi

No. 154: Los Angeles Rams: EDGE Brennan Jackson — Washington State

No. 155: Philadelphia Eagles via trade with Los Angeles Rams (from Pittsburgh): LB Jeremiah Trotter Jr. — Clemson

No. 156: Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia through Arizona): WR Jamari Thrash — Louisville

No. 157: Carolina Panthers via trade with Minnesota Vikings (from Cleveland): CB Chau Smith-Wade — Washington State

No. 158: Miami Dolphins: EDGE Mohamed Kamara — Colorado State

No. 159: Kansas City Chiefs (from Dallas): OL Hunter Nourzad — Penn State

No. 160: Buffalo Bills (from Green Bay): LB Edefuan Ulofoshio — Washington

No. 161: Washington Commanders via trade with Philadelphia Eagles (from Tampa Bay): SAF Dominique Hampton — Washington

No. 162: Arizona Cardinals (from Houston): OT Christian Jones — Texas

No. 163: Green Bay Packers via trade with Buffalo Bills: OC Jacob Monk — Duke

No. 164: Indianapolis Colts via trade with Detroit Lions: SAF Jaylin Simpson — Auburn

No. 165: Baltimore Ravens: RB Rasheen Ali — Marshall

No. 166: New York Giants (from San Francisco through Carolina): RB Tyron Tracy Jr. — Purdue

No. 167: Jacksonville Jaguars via trade with Minnesota Vikings (from Kansas City): RB Keilan Robinson — Texas

No. 168: Buffalo Bills via trade with New Orleans Saints (Compensatory Selection): EDGE Javon Solomon — Troy

No. 169: Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection): SAF Kitan Oladapo — Oregon State

No. 170: New Orleans Saints (Compensatory Selection): WR Bub Means — Pittsburgh

No. 171: New York Jets via trade with Philadelphia Eagles (Compensatory Selection): QB Jordan Travis — Florida State

No. 172: Philadelphia Eagles (Compensatory Selection): OG Trevor Keegan — Michigan

No. 173: New York Jets via trade with Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection): RB Isaiah Davis — South Dakota State

No. 174: Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection): CB Caelen Carson — Wake Forest

No. 175: New Orleans Saints (Compensatory Selection): LB Jaylan Ford — Texas

No. 176: New York Jets via trade with San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection): CB Qwan’tez Stiggers — Canadian Football League

Sixth round

No. 177: Minnesota Vikings (from Carolina through Jacksonville): OT Walter Rouse — Oklahoma

No. 178: Pittsburgh Steelers (from Arizona through Carolina): DT Logan Lee — Iowa

No. 179: Seattle Seahawks (from Washington): OG Sataoa Laumea — Utah

No. 180: New England Patriots: CB Marcellas Dial — South Carolina

No. 181: Los Angeles Chargers: RB Kimani Vidal — Troy

No. 182: Tennessee Titans (reacquired through Philadelphia): WR Jha’Quan Jackson — Tulane

No. 183: New York Giants: LB Darius Muasau — UCLA

No. 184: Miami Dolphins (from Chicago): WR Malik Washington — Virginia

No. 185: Philadelphia Eagles via trade with New York Jets: WR Johnny Wilson — Florida State

No. 186: Atlanta Falcons via trade with Arizona Cardinals (from Minnesota): RB Jase McClellan — Alabama

No. 187: Atlanta Falcons: WR Casey Washington — Illinois

No. 188: Houston Texans (from Las Vegas through New England and Minnesota): LB Jamal Hill — Oregon

No. 189: Detroit Lions via trade with Houston Texans (from Denver through L.A. Rams and Buffalo): DT Mekhi Wingo — LSU

No. 190: Philadelphia Eagles via trade with New Orleans Saints: OC Dylan McMahon — NC State

No. 191: Arizona Cardinals via trade with Indianapolis Colts: WR Tejhaun Palmer — UAB

No. 192: Seattle Seahawks: CB DJ James — Auburn

No. 193: New England Patriots (from Jacksonville): QB Joe Milton III — Tennessee

No. 194: Cincinnati Bengals: TE Tanner McLachlan — Arizona

No. 195: Pittsburgh Steelers: CB Ryan Watts — Texas

No. 196: Los Angeles Rams: DT Tyler Davis — Clemson

No. 197: Atlanta Falcons (from Cleveland): DT Zion Logue — Georgia

No. 198: Miami Dolphins: SAF Patrick McMorris — California

No. 199: New Orleans Saints (from Philadelphia): DT Khristian Boyd — Northern Iowa

No. 200: Carolina Panthers via trade with Buffalo Bills (from Dallas through Houston): DT Jaden Crumedy — Mississippi State

No. 201: Indianapolis Colts via trade with Detroit Lions (from Tampa Bay): CB Micah Abraham — Marshall

No. 202: Green Bay Packers: OT Travis Glover — Georgia State

No. 203: Minnesota Vikings via trade with New York Jets (from Houston through Cleveland, Denver): K Will Reichard — Alabama

No. 204: Buffalo Bills: OT Tylan Grable — UCF

No. 205: Houston Texans via trade Detroit Lions: RB Jawhar Jordan — Louisville

No. 206: Cleveland Browns (from Baltimore): LB Nathaniel Watson — Mississippi State

No. 207: Seattle Seahawks via trade withDenver Broncos (from San Francisco): OT Michael Jerrell — Findlay

No. 208: Las Vegas Raiders (from Kansas City): RB Dylan Laube — New Hampshire

No. 209: Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection): K Joshua Karty — Stanford

No. 210: Detroit Lions via trade with Philadelphia Eagles (Compensatory Selection): OG Christian Mahogany — Boston College

No. 211: Kansas City Chiefs via trade with San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection): DB Kamal Hadden — Tennessee

No. 212: Jacksonville Jaguars (Compensatory Selection): K Cam Little — Arkansas

No. 213: Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection): WR Jordan Whittington — Texas

No. 214: Cincinnati Bengals (Compensatory Selection): EDGE Cedric Johnson — Mississippi

No. 215: San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection): OG Jarrett Kingston — USC

No. 216: Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection): WR Ryan Flournoy — Southeast Missouri State

No. 217: Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection): OC Beaux Limmer — Arkansas

No. 218: Baltimore Ravens (from N.Y. Jets; Compensatory Selection): QB Devin Leary — Kentucky

No. 219: Buffalo Bills via trade with Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection): CB Daequan Hardy — Penn State

No. 220: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Compensatory Selection): OG Elijah Kelin — UTEP

Seventh round

No. 221: Buffalo Bills via trade with Kansas City Chiefs (from Carolina through Tennessee): OT Travis Clayton

No. 222: Washington Commanders: EDGE Javontae Jean-Baptiste — Notre Dame

No. 223: Las Vegas Raiders (from New England): SAF Trey Taylor — Air Force

No. 224: Cincinnati Bengals (from Arizona through Houston): SAF Daijahn Anthony — Mississippi

No. 225: Los Angeles Chargers: Brenden Rice — USC

No. 226: Arizona Cardinals (from N.Y. Giants): DB Jaden Davis

No. 227: Cleveland Browns (from Tennessee): CB Myles Harden — South Dakota

No. 228: Baltimore Ravens (from N.Y. Jets): OC Nick Samac — Michigan State

No. 229: Las Vegas Raiders (from Minnesota): CB MJ Devonshire — Pittsburgh

No. 230: Minnesota Vikings (from Atlanta through Cleveland and Arizona): OC Michael Jurgens — Wake Forest

No. 231: New England Patriots (from Chicago): TE Jaheim Bell — Florida State

No. 232: Minnesota Vikings (from Denver through San Francisco and Houston): DT Levi Drake Rodriguez — Texas A&M-Commerce

No. 233: Dallas Cowboys (from Las Vegas): OT Nathan Thomas — Louisiana-Lafayette

No. 234: Indianapolis Colts: DT Jonah Laulu — Oklahoma

No. 235: Denver Broncos via trade with Seattle Seahawks: WR Devaughn Vele — Utah

No. 236: Jacksonville Jaguars: DE Myles Cole — Texas Tech

No. 237: Cincinnati Bengals: OC Matt Lee — Miami

No. 238: Houston Texans (from New Orleans): EDGE Solomon Byrd — USC

No. 239: New Orleans Saints (from L.A. Rams through Denver):OT Josiah Ezirim — Eastern Kentucky

No. 240: Carolina Panthers (from Pittsburgh): LB Michael Barrett — Michigan

No. 241: Miami Dolphins: WR Tahj Washington — USC

No. 242: Tennessee Titans (from Philadelphia): SAF James Williams — Miami

No. 243: Cleveland Browns: DT Jowon Briggs — Cincinnati

No. 244: Dallas Cowboys: DT Justin Rogers — Auburn

No. 245: Green Bay Packers: QB Michael Pratt — Tulane

No. 246: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: TE Devin Culp — Washington

No. 247: Houston Texans: DT Marcus Harris — Auburn

No. 248: Kansas City Chiefs via trade with Buffalo Bills: OL C.J. Hanson — Holy Cross

No. 249: Houston Texans via trade with Detroit Lions: OG LaDarius Henderson — Michigan

No. 250: Baltimore Ravens: SAF Sanoussi Kane — Purdue

No. 251: San Francisco 49ers: LB Tatum Bethune — Florida State

No. 252: Tennessee Titans (from Kansas City): EDGE Jaylen Harrell — Michigan

No. 253: Los Angeles Chargers (Compensatory Selection): WR Cornelius Johnson — Michigan

No. 254: Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection): OG KT Leveston — Kansas State

No. 255: Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection): CB Kalen King — Penn State

No. 256 Denver Broncos (from N.Y. Jets; Compensatory Selection): OC Nick Gargiulo — South Carolina

No. 257: New York Jets (Compensatory Selection): DB Jaylen Key — Alabama