Alabama Defensive Lineman Justin Eboigbe at the NFL Combine

Alabama DL Justin Eboigbe NFL Combine

INDIANAPOLIS — Alabama defensive lineman Justin Eboigbe is hoping to build off a strong senior season and the lessons learned from legendary coach Nick Saban as he embarks on a career in the NFL.

The Crimson Tide standout met with the media on Wednesday at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and says he will take a lot with him from his Alabama career to apply to his time in professional football.

“Each day you can get better or worse but you are never gonna stay the same,” Eboigbe recalls when asked about the best advice he received from Saban at Alabama.

Eboigbe has overcome a lot to get where he is now and the adversity he has faced on and off the field have made him stronger.

“Anytime you go through adversity it teaches you who you are,” he said. “I had lost my brother as well during (2022). It made me more appreciative of the things in life. Everyone says they will come back better after an injury but I wanted to put actions behind the words. I wanted to be the leader for the guys in the defensive line room. The injury showed me things about myself self that I didn’t know.”